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As a believer and as one who does not support abortion, I have been asked how I could possibly vote Biden in this election. A good question deserves an answer. For some, that answer won’t be enough. For others, who are still debating their final choice, this may be helpful.

First — my decision is driven by a central belief in how God’s kingdom is advanced on earth. I believe it is advanced through love and good works in an environment of peace and it is actually harmed when advanced through coercion or control (Matthew 26:52). For this reason, I…


Disclaimer: This article is written specifically for white people and especially for conservative white people who don’t believe that systemic racism exists in America. It does not attempt to prove the existence of systemic oppression but sets the ground rules for discussion. I am a white person from a traditionally conservative background and speak to this topic from this unique place of heritage.

If the title of this article makes your hair stand on end a bit, then these next paragraphs may be written for you.

It is a well-known principle of life that if you desire honesty about yourself…

An Allegory for a Racially Tilted America

There was once a town with a sport played by right-handed men, a sport with a long history and many revered athletes, a sport that was rich with tradition and stories of glory. There was a problem though — the rules of the sport had been written to favor the right-handed. In fact — the sport was difficult, some might say it impossible to play if you were left-handed.

As time moved on, left-handed men wanted to join the sport, to be part of the tradition and the comradery. Some suggested changing the…

There is nothing un-American about a bit of fire and looting to motivate needed change. Consider our American founders and the Revolutionary War — a call to arms and bloody conflict along with plenty of documented fires and looting over human rights violations demonstrably less onerous than those black Americans have been subjected to for hundreds of years. And let’s not forget that the British regulars were the legal peacekeepers of that era.

Even the non-violent methods of Martin Luther King Jr. and others were only effective in the light of the threat of actual violence. More plainly — non-violence…

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Inspired by underdogs, living in the knowledge that I am not the product of my own genius, seeking expression for the voiceless and unheard.

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